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My name is Annaka and I'm here to make more magic in the world.



Winter Chills Vol. 2 - "She Gives Me Light"

Author of "She Gives Me Light"

Winter Chills Vol 2 cover. Tagline: More Ghostly Tales for Cold Nights

Horror - Short Story

Annabel finds herself alone on an unexpected scavenger hunt in her own home that can only lead to madness or clarity.

One of four stories in Winter Chills Vol. 2  a horror short story collection from 8N Publishing.

Available for preorder everywhere books are sold and releasing October 3, 2023:


Riding the Headless Horseman - Audiobook

Audiobook Narrator & Producer

Riding the Headless Horseman cover. Tagline: Sleepy Hollow has never been sexier. By Molly Likovich

Romance - Novella

A fun romp of a monster romance between Arletta, Sleepy Hollow's resident witch, and The Headless Horseman on Halloween.


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Annaka Hart (she/they) is a horror and romance author who also narrates and produces audiobooks.

They are from Las Vegas, Nevada, but have never gambled. Her goal as an artist is to create more magic in the world but she does not believe in astrology.

Their pastimes include: gardening, destroying the patriarchy, and roller skating. She does not like talking about herself in the third person, snow, or ketchup.

They live in Michigan with their spouse and colony of freshwater aquarium shrimp.


Available for writing and audiobook projects.